Sunday, April 17, 2005

Said her name was Marie from the banks of the lee

Here's a summary of Music Tour '05, as inturpreted by Luke and helped by Philip.
Wednesday: Got on Bus. Went to USU. Played for some dude. Had him cringe at our playing. Went to Idaho. Stayed in Hotel. Saw Dave Ridge spend a lot of time in the pool wrestling with every girl that swam by. Ate at Taco Time with Danny,Bruce,Phillip,Caitlin and Telesa. My first time at Taco Time.
Thursday:In Idaho. Went to ISU. Played for guy who looked like Beethoven. Went to the world's smallest mall. Ate at Schlotkyz(can't spell it). First time there too. Better Hotel. More of Dave in the pool.
Friday:Nicest Hotel. Everyone Partying into all hours of the night. Had to kick Philip out of my room at 12 cuz he wouldn't get off the XBOX. Followed Dave around hotel as he went in and out of EVERY SINGLE girls room. Finally got sick of that and joined Danny and Bruce trying to avoid Mr. Murphy and find a CD player so Bruce could get people to listen to his String Quartet plays Radiohead CD. Got rooms shifted around, so had to room with a bunch of weirdos.
Saturday:Stood around at Sand dunes for 2 hours. Dave wrestles girls and throws them off Sand Dunes. Got some cool pictures of Danny hitchhiking. I got back on the bus, and realized that I had left my 20+ packets of coffee that I was going to put on Alex's porch. But that's okay, Tristan said she got some coffee and is going to do that to Alex anyway, so alles gutte. Here follows an actual conversation I observed and participated in on Friday.

Dave:So Luke, do I really flex all the time in class?
Me:Yes, you do. Everyone sees you kissing your biceps and stuff. It's a real problem.
Dave:I don't consider it a problem. It attracts the freshman women.
Gretchen:That's gross Dave.
Dave:you're gross, a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha etc. etc. etc. etc.

A wonderful time was had by all.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Phillaginga Experience

Well, today is Saturday, and me and Philip are sitting at a computer somewhere in Idaho. He keeps whining about doing Capoeira (Kap-Uh-Wedda) and will not stop crying because he's homesick. Tour is kind of a pain in the butt, cause lots of idiots inhabit the music dept. We're coming back today, so Philip can stop complaining about all those girls that don't really like him, but he imagines miss him while he's been gone so long.

=w= & =pv=