Friday, May 27, 2005

I'm leaving on a Jet plane

Well, actually just in a car. I'm going to California, Disneyland,Sea World, and hopefully Beverly Hills or something like that on Saturday. Maybe I'll run into Weezer while I'm in L.A. Except that they're on tour, so there's not a chance of that. I'll give a blog report similair to Mat6t's when I get back on June 6, just probably not as funny. So if anyone's looking for me, I'll be on a nude beach somewhere in Southern Cal.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Joan was physical, studied pata-physical science in the home

Frank Sinatra+Josh Groban=Alex Morrise
I just wanted to make that totally clear

Today is Sunday, Holy Day among those of the LDS faith/cult. My dad was making some of his last rounds as Bishop today, and it was weird to hear him say "Welcome to the first meeting of the Parkway 2nd Ward." Disgusting name. I liked 9th ward better.

Harper Camp spoke today, and I realized that I might be on my mission before he comes back. Very weird, but Andy and Rob definatly won't see him for another 4 years. Violin music was played, and certain people's dads gave horsebites to certain sleeping priests (me). Very sad. James Duncan came to observe him, but oh no, not ALEX. Harper declared that he was suprised and saddened by the lack of tomatoe-boy in attendence.

My iPod Mini that I got for my birthday is filling up, but not mostly with songs. I found a lot of SNL skits online, so I have a lot of those. I got 'em all: Matt Foley, Will Ferrell Cowbell (not as funny without the video), Celebrity Jepeordy. It's amazing what you can stick on an iPod and listen to.

Tuesday will be the day that I own my first yearbook. Levi has gotten one ever since 3rd grade, but I never had the oppurtunity to partake of such a thing. I used to always open his and see what you do with them.

Me: So, who are these people that signed here?
Levi: They're called girls, Luke.
Me: Ha ha, you talk to girls.
Levi: So do you, you've been on dates.
Me: Yes, but as Alex has shown, conversation is not neccesarrily a part of a date.
Levi: That's true.

I wish Rob would e-mail me back. We have applications for AP English due on Wednesday, so how is Rob going to turn one in? For that matter, how is he going to do the summer work? E-mail me or something Rob!

Rob goes to Europe, Alex goes to Korea, and I leave next week for a week to Southern Cal. Beverly Hills! That's where I want to be! Actually, we're just going to Sea World and Stuff like that, but I hope we can drop by BH. Or at least South Central L.A. Thug Life.

I guess since Bwecca and Al wrote stuff reviewing Morp, and Mat6t wrote one about his birthday, I better jump on the Orchestrawagon too.

Birthday was good, just sat at home and attempted to work my iPod. I'll need like a week straight of downloading music to get everything I own onto the thing, my computer is really slow. I should of called Mat7t on that day. I guess it turned out that he had nothing really going either. I always imagined Mat8t as someone to have a big party, with lots friends, but I guess I was wrong. That's it for the Birfday.

Morp was very fun. We went to Wendy's, watched Natl. Treasure (very good movie. very Indiana Jones like), played games, yada-yada, the date was over. (I yada-yada'ed over the best part!) The dance consisted of me and Becca trying to spot Alex slow dancing, but we never caught sight of him. I did see Yader wearing a shirt that said "Darth Yader" on the back in pink. I didn't ask what was going on there. The highlight was probably when we went to Macy's and bought a Flinstones ice cream push icecream thingy. There was ten, to I ate 5, and I made Becca eat 5. After two she said she was full. 3 she claimed she was going to throw up. 4 she said I was being a jerk for forcing her. 5 she said the date was over. Not really, but we did go home after Jake fell asleep on the boardgame being played. We listened to Make Believe all the way home, and Becca said she's listen to "Perfect Situation" (Number 2 on the CD) to figure out how it described Alex's dating life. I swear that every guy in my group was a sophomore. With Senior girls! It blows my mind. How do they get that privilege, when I was still awaiting date #1 when I was their age? These kids grow up so fast nowadays.

Someone get Rob to e-mail me. So until next time, this is Adam Carolla for Dr. Drew saying: Mahalo.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I've been waiting for so long, to sing my Teenage Victory Song

Inspired by Nate's blog, I've decided to create one about music

I'll take bands I think are cool/like for $200, Trebeck

A is for AC/DC
B is for Beatles, the
C is for Cake
D is for Doors, the
E is for Eric Clapton
F is for Flogging Molly
G is for Green Day
H is for Hendrix, Jimi
J is for Josh Groban
K is for KISS
L is for Led Zeppelin
M is for MC Hammer
N is for Nirvana
O is for Ozma
P is for Pixies, the
Q is for Queen
R is for Rush
S is for Stray Cats, the
T is for They Might Be Giants
U is for Undone-The Sweater Band (Weezer cover band)
V is for Van Halen
W is for Weezer
X is for Extreme (I know, not really an X, but oh well.)
Y is for Yardbirds, the
Z is for ZZ Top
Now I'm done. Many thanks to Sister F. and Becca for their input.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

I don't like sand. It's coarse, and it's rough, and it gets everywhere.

Not like here. Where everything's soft, and smooth.

You know what I just figured out? this thing has no century gothic font! Makes me extremly angry.
It seems that all is not lost in terms of accessing materials inside Rob's/Andy's/Berkely's/Mark's/Julie's/Puppy's/Mia's/Ferret's house. Rob's Mom introduced me to that older Warner kid, so I feel like family with him.
I did realize that out of all the games and CD's I grabed, only one truly works. This is because I forgot that those games that I grabed require two disks to work. 4 months of a game that I can't play.
And for Rob: I attempted to ask Ilse about her curfew and such, but became distracted with the goings on in back of me. This being Yader and Harper grabing me and punching me during Sunday class. Once we were done scuffling, it had totally slipped my mind to ask her. But don't worry. I'm sure I'll get it done. I mean, I've got 4 months. No way will I not remember to do it...