Saturday, June 25, 2005

Luke Battles the Pink Alex (Pt. 1)

I'll give the second part when I get back.

So I'm leaving again, this time untill Saturday. I'll be spending almost a week about 2 miles from my house at BYU. It's some acedemic thing that is supposed to help me get into BYU, it'll be fun, and it'll help me grow and get used to the college experience, say my parents. I personally think that it'll be annoying to spend six days on an college campus that's really close to my house.I think Ilse also went to this last week, and I heard that she liked it.
By the way Alex, Dave and I tried to find you on Saturday, but no dice. Too busy to say good-bye? I see how it is...
that's it for me until Saturday.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Der Junge is Herbst

I've just notice a little something. I was listing to this, and in The Beatles "Sie Liebt Dich" (She Loves You in German) they say Dich like "Deek" (Rhymes with Lick,Sick,Hick). But from my two years in Chambers class, I learned that if they say it like that, then means "Fat." So the song is "She Loves Fat"? So the girl in that song has something for the chunky guys? They should have said "Dish" and then it would be "She Loves You". Am I right, Mat6t and Rob? I know I am. It seem like The Beatles might have been morons when it comes to Deutch. Ha ha!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Ever notice how comments on blogs slow down after about a week or so? It's like people assume you don't care anymore, if they don't here from you in a week.
This will be my first blog where I attempt to talk about something, instead of just reporting on stuff. Here goes:
Things that annoy me:
Football conditioning
people on the football team
A poster of "Batman Begins" that I saw at Wal-Mart. The suit looked okay, not spectacular, but Batman was in the nerdiest position. I can't describe it, it was so dumb, but it made me loose respect for the movie.
Me giving Alex a burned copy Weezer's "Blue" and "Green" album, and then Alex refusing to give me a copy of a whole Beatles album on a jumpdrive, on the grounds that that is stealing music. What's the greater crime here Alex, you not helping me, or me getting free music?

Reading Andy's e-mail, Weezer sounded like a cool concert. It's sad that all we get here in Utah is TMBG. Unless someone wants to come see some Coldplay with me. Yes? Yes?

That's all I got. Hope Rob didn't get stabbed in Brixton!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I truly, deeply, love you

This is cool. Unless this is old news to everyone, celebrate! I found in the paper today that you can go to to purchase TMBG tickets. Only $20!

Monday, June 06, 2005

Just being around her again is...Intoxicating!

Okay, I'm back from my vacation.
First item of business: thank you Sister F. for that Led Zeppelin post. I didn't understand some of the references, but I am reviewing my Led Zeppelin CD's to figure them out.

So here's how the vacation went:
Sat: Left Provo. Drove to Misquite, NV and stayed in Hotel there. iPod dies in my arms because I forgot to charge it.

Sun: On the road again to San Diego. Resurect iPod by plugging it in. I honor the sabbath my listing to songs that reflect relegion: Nirvana (Jesus Don't Want Me for a Sunbeam) ,Green Day (Church on Sunday) ,The Beatles (Let it Be) Led Zeppelin (Houses of the Holy). Very good church music. Arrive in San Diego, and on the way pass San Bernadeno where Harper is going on his mission. Good luck with that town.

Mon: Sea World! Saw Shamu and my Dad got the guy in the polar bear costume to take a swing at him.

Tues: Went to the San Diego wild animal park. saw animals.

Wed: First day of Disneyland. I forgot how much I love the Indiana Jones ride. Got a Fedora from the souvenier store. I also like the "Star Tours" ride. You attack the Death Star! I got an Anakin Skywalker lightsaber that can change from blue to red. Levi got Obi-Wan, Lauren got Mace Windu's, and Liam got Yoda's. Cool lightsaber fights in the park!

Thurs: More Disneyland. Went to California Adventure. Cool Hotel Tower that drops you. We ran into this family where the guy said hi to Levi, and some girl that I know I should recognize said hi. I'm terrible with names, but I think that she goes to Provo High. I couldn't remember her name, but I'll scan a yearbook to see if I recognize her.

Fri: Last day of Disney. pretty much the same. We drive down to L.A. looking for Beverly Hills so I can listen to the song and actually be there, but we never find it. Instead we end up in a rough side of town that turns out to be Compton. Scary place.

Sat: travel from L.A. to St. George. Long trip.

Sun: Leave for home

Later Sun: arrive at home, but get too miss church.

Hope nothing too fun happened while I was gone. I've got football from 6-8 every morning, and chemistry from 8-10. very annoying. I saw Dave this morning at Football Conditioning and he says Alex has something BIG planned that will change the course of Alex's life. What does he mean by that, Alex?
Someone tell those guys in Europe to e-mail people.