Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sad to Say, I'm on my way

At Football Camp for a week. If I live through it, I'll be a worse man for it.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Ha! I made the Football team. All those months attempting to get out of bed at 5 in the morning and having Dave Ridge back his monstrous van into my poor car has paid off!

Enough gloating though. Tomorrow I leave for Youth Conference, without the company of Rob or Alex! How can this be? It appears that I'm the only active church member out of us three.

I know that Rob is in Europe and Alex is somewhere in Asia, but being out of the country is no excuse. Did my Dad, when he rowed his canoe over from New Zealand many years ago, let the fact that America was in a different country than his stop him from getting here!? I think not! So I will not take pitiful excuses like "I'm in the tower of London" or "I'm eating rice balls and speaking to the CEO of Nintendo"
While I know people in my stake, I basically know no one that is going on this for sure. I guess it'll be fun.
Thanks a lot Rob and Alex.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

y'all be wearin', gold-plated diapers

Well, today is Football tryout day for me. A day that will decide how I live the next three months of my life. I could get cut, in which case I will cry all the way home. Or I will cry if I make it, because my legs are likely to be broken by the time the tryouts are done. A cry-cry situation either way.

Potential downsides include not playing on the team, while upsides include actually having time to do stuff during my first few months as a senior. Either way this is day that will live in infamy.

I wish that Football was more like track. Based on Mat6t's attitude toward it, it seems that I would have loved it a lot more. It seemed wonderfull. He was on the track team, but he would never go unless he felt like it, which was never. But even though he never participated in practices, he was still allowed to participate in meets. (meats?) But only if he chose to go. Which, again, he never did. It was the ultimate commitment to non-commitment, and I admire Mat6t for his courage to stand up and do nothing.

Friday, July 15, 2005

From me to You

This is for Rob, who misses Provo terribly. A few three month old pictures. I'll get some newer ones in here soon. Again, this picture thing is awesome.
The Dean of Students

I can play Jamie (Live and Acoustic) on the Piano!
Me with my date
Alex with his Prom date

Young Jimi Hendrix

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A very few of my favorite things

This is me on a date. Yeeaaaahh!!!

This is me, someday.

Someday I will meet this man. And we will profess our love for each other.
I love this picture thing!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Shine the spotlight on him! No, not on his pants, on his face!

They ARE Giants!

TMBG was everything that Rob said they would be. But instead of just giving a summary, I think that I'll give a reaction blog.

I was always under the impression that TMBG was more of a pop band. Some of their songs seemed to gravitate more toward that end of the music spectrum. But when I heard them play, there was no doubt that they are a real rock band. A nice amount of distortion on most of the songs made the songs so cool.

I was also impressed that both Johns could sing so well. Some bands sound terrible live, but TMBG was the best live band I've seen. Flansburgh has to be the best left-handed guitar player that I've ever seen live (Hendrix was dead before I was born, unfortunatly), and Linnel (bad spelling) looked even cooler with his accordian.

My only dissapointments were that they didn't play "Why does the sun shine?" or "Absolutly Bill's Mood". But my favorite ones being Dr. Worm, Experimental Film, Birdhouse in Your Soul, and probably the best performed and I think highlight of the night: Robot Parade, were very awesome.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The First Day of the Rest of our Lives

You know, you always here people talk about the happiest day of there lives. I'm sure that when I grow up, I'll give the awnsers that I always hear adults say: Marriage, birth of 1st child,day you get accepted to college, etc. But I personally think that I would have some different ones, at least for my young teenage life. Such as:

The day that the "Legend of Zelda:The Twilight Princess" comes out on Gamcube. It should be the best game on the Cube to date.
The day that I finally get to see Weezer in concert.
The day the Magleby's finally get home. (Sob)

And today! tonight it the They Might Be Giants Concert, and I'm pretty excited. I decided that I want to be the first, besides Mat6t, to report on the concert when we get back. Two Johns will never look so good onstage!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Luke Battles the Pink Alex (Pt. 2)

So, I'm back, and I'll write more when I've got some more time. And Rob, what's your IM name? I can't find you anywhere.

I still can't find your screen name, Rob.

So here it goes. I went to SOAR, nicknamed "brown camp" because it consists entirely of people who are or should be brown. It helps those with not so fair skin attempt to get in to gain an education, and take the ACT.

Monday: I check in at the dorms, which look like prisons, and meet my first new person there. A black dude named Brian that calls people "boss" a lot.

Tuesday: Bed every night at 11 pm, and waking up at 6 am takes a lot out of you. I've got stuff to do every day for 17 hours is a lot. ACT prep classes all day.

Wednesday: BYU-Idaho comes to talk with us, and everyone gets into an uproar when they find out that you can't wear shorts up there. Since I love wearing shorts, I guess I know where I'm not going to school.

Thursday: In the morning, hiking the Y takes more out of me than I would have thought. My back and calves are killing me, and I feel bad untill I see that Benson, who is at this thing also, is having just as much of a struggle. So maybe I'm not out of shape, the hike must just be bad.
We have to do a culture share talent or presentation, so while other people do the Hula and dance around to La Bamba, I play my guitar and sing "Time of Your Life" by Green Day for my talent. It was probably one of my better performances, and everyone seemed to appreciate the song. I was happy with it.
Instead of having a Devotinal like we're supposed to have every night, my counsler organizes a wrestling match on the second floor.
Counsler: Okay guys, we're going to have a Ring of Death tonight!
Guys: Ring of Death! Ring of Death!
Me (Remembering Mat6t at Wrestlemania): Okay, first rule of the Ring of Death, you don't talk about the Ring of Death. Second rule of Ring of Death, you don't talk about Ring of Death!
Counsler: He's right, it's probably better if none of the other counslers find out about this.
The carpet is brutal on knees and faces, and soon the carpet is covered in blood. Other counslers wander in and tell us to stop when the see that people are getting wounds that look like someone takes bites out of your skin. Awesome stuff.

Friday: Last day, and the day of the ACT. I raised my score by 1 point, which was slightly dissapointing, but at least it didn't go down. The night ends with us having to go to a dance. A dance?! What is this, EFY? I'm here to help my education, not be social and make an donkey out of myself in front of girls. And you know how good of a dancer that I am, and how much I love to dance. I feel like an idiot most of the night, and me and this kid named Jeremy that I met just sort of hung around the edge and outside of the area. I did the mandatory slow dances, and I guess it didn't go too badly.

Saturday: Time to go home. Lots of crying, and girls hugging each other and guys punching each other for one last time. It was supprisingly fun.