Sunday, May 28, 2006

I'm the Juggernaut, baby!

A sweet movie. It's got everything, action for the guys

And some cute romance for the girls:

Nothin' like a kiss on the forehead from Patrick Stewart to bring you out of a coma.

And off the subject of that movie, ya think Rob's seen this pic yet? Probably, but I think this is cool because everything else is in color. Black suit looks pretty cool.


Blogger b. clary said...

I wanna see X3 so bad! Hopefully soon I shall see it.

Wait...why is the suit black? I no understand.

11:51 AM

Blogger Alex Morrise said...

Luke, how dare you misquote Juggernaut's famous line! That thing's gonna go down in history!

3:36 PM

Blogger Rivers is my hero said...

This is a family-oriented blog.

5:05 PM

Blogger Rivers is my hero said...

The black suit is Spider-Man's "alien costume" suit. The suit is a symbiote that's alive, and decides it wants to be a black suit. But, I don't know how it's going to be explained in the movie.

5:06 PM

Blogger b. clary said...

hopefully better than you explained it. haha.

1:07 AM

Blogger Rivers is my hero said...

Straight from wikipedia, Becca:

One of the most significant alterations to Spider-Man's costume takes place during the Secret Wars. He wears a black costume with large white spider emblems on the chest and back, and white web-shooters on the back of the hands. Upon discovering that the costume is actually an alien symbiote, Spider-Man rejects the creature, and he wears a non-living version of the costume for a while. He stops wearing this costume, however, when Venom, the symbiote's new incarnation, viciously attacks Mary Jane. Despite Mary Jane's objections, Peter uses the black costume on a few occasions when stealth is required.
straight from me:

Spidey's costume gets ruined, and he uses this alien clothes machine to make a new costume. but instead, a black ball pops out and goes all over his body. It becomes his black costume.

1:20 PM

Blogger Alex Morrise said...

Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

9:24 PM

Blogger Brittany said...

As much as I hate to say it, wikipedia is "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit".
so technically...

12:18 AM

Blogger Rivers is my hero said...

Yeah, but all that info is consistent with what I know.

1:42 PM

Blogger b. clary said...

anyone can edit that? well that makes it very trust worthy. There are few definitions I am gonna go change right now.

Oh and why does MJ look sad for a split second at the end of the second Spider-man? What's going on there? And when does this movie come out again?

10:32 AM

Blogger Rivers is my hero said...

Comes out June of next year, and I'm not sure why MJ looks sad. Maybe she's pregnant!

4:15 PM

Blogger b. clary said...

Well if that is the reason why, the dad sure isn't Spidey! She'll have the astronaut's kid! Sick. He is ugly.

9:34 AM


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